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E-book PFM

Considering an e-book or workbook format and would there be any interest?

Child Violence Experienced in State Institutions

Children are further traumatized in state run institutions as wards of the court but it takes many years for the adult to understand the details.

Visitors to PFM

FYI, is regularly visited by people from 50 to 70 different countries per month.  In total, people from 138 countries visit frequently.  It is interesting to see how is moving around the world. Child horrifications happen to innocent, vulnerable kids all over the world.


Hope to start a regular blog now that I have more time to devote to this website.  I’ve received a few emails sharing personal stories and very much appreciate people willing to share such personal pain with a stranger.  I have spent thousands of hours writing, rewriting and struggling to find the words that would express my experience and […]

Welcome to PFM Blog!

A place to reveal the secret pain and grief of early childhood emotional, psychological and physical abuse, brutality and torture, and all forms of child sexual abuse, brutality and torture.  This includes rape, incest, pornography, ritual abuse-torture (RAT), cult violence and religious atrocities.  A response to childhood violence either turns rage inward, into self-destruction (addictions) or outward in violence towards […]