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Child Violence Experienced in State Institutions

If you were placed in foster care or a state institution from birth through 17, and experienced violence, were a witness to acts of violence, or were forced to participate in any acts of violence this blog is the place to set your secret free. 

Regardless of why a child is made a ward of the court, once sentenced, they are captive, held prisoner by the state. 

Whatever happens in the institution will be noticed but wards will keep quiet, knowing the state is so powerful a child is unable to fight the system.

Based on my personal experience as a ward of the court, I hope it will not take you 63 years to finally admit a crime was committed on state property and seek justice for Baby Doe.

 State institutions can become a dumping ground for politicians cover up a crime.  State run facilities are not the fairytale land politicians dream up.  In fact, they can turn out to be vile hellholes.  They are independent of scrutiny, secretive and often shrouded in mystery.  Children are further traumatized in state run insitutions.

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